Real or Fake COACH?

I am not affiliated with Coach nor endorsed as a Coach expert.
I am only helping buyers and fanciers to determine the authenticity of your Coach bag.
Please purchase genuine items.
Insanely cheap does not necessarily means it is fake!

1. Layout of the signature C
The CC are symetrically aligned perfectly from the center going outward. The center seam goes straight down through the middle of CC. CC are never cut off in the middle. The CC that do not appear as complete letters are those on the sides.

2. CC are always in pairs
All CC are next to each other in doubles and the CC should touch a little, facing each other.

3. C letter
Inspect closely C, not G.

4. Usually signature fabric on the outside will not have signature inner lining
If outside is signature lined, inside will be plain; If outside is plain, inside will have signature lining but there are genuine bags with plain inner lining also.

5. Hang tags words raised on the leather or metal
COACH words should be raised. Leather hang tag should have neat stitching of 2 pieces of leather together. There should be metal ring around the grommet (after 2003). The chain should go through a snug fir hole, not wide loose hole.

6. YKK zippers
Some Coach only have YKK zippers at the inner part of the bag. 

7. Snap buttons and metal hard wares have delicate COACH logo stamp
Hard wares are made of heavy duty metal or brass. Not all models have logo stamp. There is no gap in the ring O.

8. No string knots should be seen in all stitching.

9. Coach creed 
Smaller purses like clutch and mini bags do not have Coach creed.
The creed should be stitched neatly with the same length without over-stitching. English words with proper grammar should be stamped into leather. It is fake id impression colour is different.

10. Serial number
No serial number starts with N to Z.
Starts with No. 4 numbers after the dash, not 3.
1990s -4 digits
late 2000s -5 digits

11. After 2002, most Coach bags are manufactured and assembled in China. It does not affect the authenticity. No Coach is made from Korea or Thailand.

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